Bespoke Software Solution

Standard software packages may not always meet the specific business needs of an organization. Through our experience, we understand that off-the-shelf solutions can be limited in their functionality and may not align perfectly with the unique requirements and processes of a business. 

That's why, at Elufa, we offer custom software development to address these specific business needs. Custom design solutions offer the flexibility to design and build a solution from scratch or develop an add-on to the existing system to fit your business requirements. With the understanding of your business processes, challenges, and objectives, our team leverages industry knowledge and technical expertise to craft a solution that can seamlessly integrate with your infrastructure and workflows.

Selected Used Case

  • IDaaS
    Our client requires a tailored solution for a Single Sign-On Portal with Azure AD for Internal Users and MFA-Enabled Login for users with Domain Restrictions for Zero Trust Environment. 

    Cloud Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Solution is based on Cloud-Based Identity Management with SSO, MFA, Passwordless Authentication, and Zero Trust Model. IDaaS solution addresses the project requirement by providing a cloud-based SSO portal. Internal users can securely connect using Azure AD, while users log in through a portal with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled. To establish a Zero-Trust environment, users are limited to only specific domain names.

    IDaaS offers centralized identity management for seamless access across on-premises and cloud applications. Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to counter modern threats, reduce the risk of phishing attacks, and enhance security by enforcing MFA measures. The SSO minimizes the complexities of managing multiple identities per user, reducing the risks associated with identity sprawl and enabling one identity for multiple applications. While the Passwordless Approach enhances security and user-friendliness, passwordless authentication eliminates the need for passwords. MFA options like Google Authenticator, WhatsApp, SMS, Email Services, and Microsoft Authenticator offer convenient and effective passwordless authentication. Altogether, the solution enforces the Zero Trust model for all authentications, ensuring stringent security measures and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Server 
    Health Check
    A client with a vast infrastructure comprising multiple servers distributed across various locations, requested to implement a server monitoring tool that provides comprehensive visibility into the health, and performance of the servers that power their business-critical applications. We developed a custom solution for Server Health Check as the first line of detection to ensure the stability of the infrastructure with the following capabilities:

    Resource Monitoring for key server resources such as CPU usage, RAM utilization, disk space, network traffic, and other relevant metrics to identify bottlenecks, performance issues, and potential failures. 

    Alert and notification mechanism is set up to notify the system administrator when abnormal situations occur based on predefined thresholds for resource utilization.

    Dashboard provides a comprehensive near real-time visibility into the server's overall status, health, and performance, represented by graphs, charts, and performance trends, enabling the administrator to identify the root cause of the issue and initiate appropriate troubleshooting steps promptly.

    Historical Data Store captures monitoring data to be used for further historical analysis and trending for capability planning to make decisions about server upgrades, infrastructure optimizations, and future resource allocation.
  • Process Automation 
    Our client regularly goes through budgeting and forecasting cycles which involve entering data into multiple text boxes, clicking various elements on the application website, and repeating these actions for each cycle. The manual effort required for these tasks is tedious and high risk of human error during data entry, click operations, or the risk of missing steps, requiring the process to start all over. The finance team needed a solution to automate these operations to minimize manual intervention and streamline the workflow. 

    The custom-designed Process Automation significantly improves the open periods for each budgeting and forecasting cycle and shortens the time that would normally be needed to complete these tasks. The program seamlessly handles repetitive tasks, by defining the order of actions required for each cycle. It automatically inputs the necessary data into the designated fields. It also simulates the operations on various elements, including triggering the button that needs to be clicked and performing it automatically. The program includes the functionality to pause and prompt users for input or make decisions before continuing the automation process. This allows for flexibility and control while minimizing manual effort.

    Task status tracking displays the progress of each task, indicating whether it has been completed successfully or encountered an error during the automated operations, which would prompt the user for manual intervention. Additionally, each step of the process is logged providing a detailed audit trail record of the operations performed. This log can be useful for troubleshooting, auditing, or generating reports. 
  • What-if Simulation
    Our client requested a comprehensive solution to simulate and forecast various scenarios for short-term product Profit and Loss (P&L). 

    The solution incorporated both open data and external data sources such as weather, public holidays, stock indices, CPI indices, etc., integrated with historical actuals and events to create a comprehensive database for analysis and forecasting. The historical actuals serve as the foundation for trend analysis, while the open data and external data provide additional insights. By integrating various data sources, the solution provides a holistic view of the factors impacting the P&L, resulting in more accurate and reliable forecasts.

    What-If Simulation capabilities enable users to adjust key parameters such as volume, discount, price, and COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) to simulate the different scenarios and see the impact on the P&L based on these factors. 

    The simulation solution enhances strategic planning by offering a dynamic and interactive environment to explore and compare different scenarios, assess their potential outcomes, and optimize decision-making regarding pricing strategies, inventory management, risk assessment, revenue projection, and resource allocation.
  • Corporate 
    Digital Forms
    Our client has been relying on paper forms for handling corporate internal requests such as requests for multiple system accounts across various departments. This process involved manual submission, physical approval signatures, and manual document routing, leading to inefficiencies and delays. The requirement is to design and develop a digital solution to replace the paper forms for request form approval management to handle approval processes and improve and streamline the workflows.

    The Digital Request Form and Approval solution offers a user-friendly and customizable platform for submitting and managing approval requests. With its intuitive interface, users submit digital forms, keeping the process quick and straightforward via a single point of access to the web interface with SSO support, making it convenient to track the progress of the requests and take necessary approval actions all in one place, eliminating the need for multiple systems or complex navigation.
    The platform offers a Conditional Approval Workflow feature that automates the routing of requests to the appropriate approver based on predefined conditions and rules. Throughout the request journey, automated notifications are sent to both the requester and approver at various stages when action is taken, keeping them informed. Users can track and monitor the status and progress providing visibility into the overall workflow.

    Work Module complements the approval workflow by allowing task assignments to designated individuals responsible for executing and completing the task associated with the request.

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