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Through-and-through EPM Specialists with Strong Technology Acumen

Who We Are

Elufa Systems Limited is an IT consulting firm based in Hong Kong. We specialize in leading-edge IT solutions and offer IT consulting services. Since our founding in 2003, we have consistently strived to explore new emerging solutions and upgrade our expertise in this rapidly advancing technology market. With a remarkable track record spanning 20 years, we have successfully built a strong base of listed companies and multinational clientele, to whom we offer our best practices in Enterprise Performance Management Solutions (EPM).

Our expertise extends to delivering superior solutions and setting the industry standard for excellence across the following core competencies:
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Budget Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
As the technology landscape continues to evolve, we have proactively adapted to meet market demands by expanding our comprehensive service offerings. We are well-equipped to deliver cutting-edge solutions that align with the latest industry trends and cater to the evolving needs of our clients.
Our Services

Our Vision

Our vision is be a highly respected regional leader in business and technology consulting. We strive for excellence through unwavering passion, exceptional performance, and unwavering professionalism. We prioritize the needs of our valued clients and uphold the highest standards in what we do.

Our Mission

At our core, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled service to our valued clients. To achieve this, we have formed strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies that excel in their respective areas of expertise. By leveraging these partnerships, we consistently provide exceptional value that surpasses client expectations. Our mission is to go above and beyond, ensuring client satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships based on trust, innovation, and exceptional service delivery.
Our Partners

Our Culture

Our company culture is built on a client-centric attitude and excellent service to our clients is at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to help our clients leverage the most advanced technology to improve the company's performance. We strive to design the simplest solutions that create the most value on investment for our clients.
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