More and more finance offices are viewing Corporate Performance Management (CPM) as a “must have” rather than “nice to have”. There is a pressing need to obtain more timely and accurate information necessary for business owners to effectively analyse and manage their business in an increasingly challenging environment.

The question is whether you need a single platform solution or a point solution. While most companies will not take a big bang approach to implement all the functions and processes at the same time, there is little doubt that all companies will look further into the future as to how the chosen solution can expand both horizontally and vertically to bring more return on investment to the solution.

The key considerations for choosing a ”unified platform solution” vs a “point solution” lies in: (1) how important it is to have a “single-point of truth” for your data (i.e. do you want to keep two sets of data and master data for budget planning and financial consolidation), (2) how much efficiency gain you can expect from having reports (both management and statutory) produced in MS Office directly from your CPM solution; (3) how often do you need non-financial data for analysis and reporting.

No matter which platform suits you, the main objectives are to have better business insight, data transparency, data integrity, and much improved quality of data that your office needed to improve internal and external reporting, shorten business decision-making cycle and perform predictive business planning.


Modern CPM solutions shall no longer work in silos. Time and time again, our clients are asking how to streamline their work for the Office of Finance, that includes but not limited to Internal Management Reporting, Statutory Reporting, Financial Closing, IFRS Reporting, Budget Planning & Simulation, and other operational data analysis at granular level. It is becoming a necessity to perform all these tasks in a single solution platform rather than insulated solution silos.


What difference can it make to both finance and IT departments when you can perform the following functions in a single solution platform and be able to access the right information at your fingertips:


Ever increasing regulations on financial reporting, complex reporting requirements, fiddling data from disparate systems are a few of the most challenges our clients are facing. Our expert CPM consulting team can help to successfully transform your office of finance functions to much more easily managed and robust solutions, allowing your finance team to focus on higher value-added duties.

Our in-depth knowledge and subject matter experts help in designing the most efficient and effective solution for your business needs. Our certified professionals will implement the solution in a cost-effective and timely fashion which brings positive return on your investment. We offer our expertise in both On-Premise and Cloud solutions.

Our Health Check for CPM solution goes beyond technical and application levels,  it is a complete service that helps align and optimize your environment with your organization’s latest business strategies and processes. Our Health Check Service covers 3 levels: (1) Technical Level – to conduct in-depth analysis and deliver a report card on various aspects of your CPM solution from system housing keeping, data integration efficiency to application setup; (2) Business Level – to evaluate the current system usage and overall health of your applications and deliver a report card showing the degree to which your applications support critical business and IT processes, initiatives, and requirements. Through this process, our experts will identify improvement opportunities arising from under-utilized product capabilities, deviations from standard functionality or sub-optimal processes; (3) Strategic Level – our CPM experts will help to align and optimize your solution with your organization’s latest business strategies and processes, advise you on the latest market roadmap and how your organization can adopt to the latest technologic changes and best practices to augment and improve your existing processes.

With our expert team, we will help you in determining whether you should go on a cloud migration or to upgrade your on-premise solution. We have deep hands-on experience which makes the upgrade smooth. Our certified professionals will help you in creating an effective migration strategy with minimal impact to daily operation and downtime.

Human capital is an extremely intangible asset to a company, especially those with years of experience and trained in managing or using the critical CPM solutions. No matter what the reason could be, losing these experienced resources who understand your finance environment and CPM solutions is a painful experience. Application maintenance, administration, and support are the basic necessity functions of keeping your CPM applications running smoothly. Whether you need a temporary role filled or you want to outsource the administration of your system we can help meet your needs. We can bridge your support gap and ensure your solution is operating at its best all the time. The best thing about our services is that we can provide offsite and/or onsite resources to maintain and support your solutions. Your team can be relieved from the complex tasks of maintaining and administering the CPM solution and focus on their professionally trained finance functions.

We have one of the most experienced CPM consulting team in the region and our professional training team have years of experience working in CPM training. Our tailored functional and technical training programs are specifically designed to maximize the return on your investment and vastly improve overall end-user adoption and proficiency. Implementing or upgrading a CPM solution is a major investment for any company, and it takes more than just good software to realize the full benefits. Indeed, your employees must be proficient with the solution, embrace the changes, the new features, and functionality, and be well-trained in the tools to make the most of the solution and to continuously expand their skills for the benefit of the company.

With our expert team, we will help you in determining whether you should go on a cloud migration or to upgrade your on-premise solution. We have deep hands-on experience which makes the upgrade smooth. Our certified professionals will help you in creating an effective migration strategy with minimal impact on daily operation and downtime.

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