Our training team is managed by a professional trainer with over 18 years of hands-on, real-world training experience. Our trainers are experts at delivering content from both a functional and technical perspective to meet customer’s needs. We carefully design and customise the training material to share real-world examples of best practices we learned from our past project experience.

We understand how to develop and deliver impactful, world-class training. We are passionate about our training services; it is our mission to enhance the audience’s knowledge and understanding and they return to work feeling more confident and apply the things they learned from us at work.

Whether we deliver the training using our “High Impact Train-the-Trainer” methodology, engaging your most capable system champions and advocates, or a client-specific custom approach, you can rest assured that your employees will receive the superior training needed to be successful in their positions.

Our training materials, documentation, and training exercises are of the highest quality and we encourage you to replicate them for further distribution within your organization. The success of training is only achieved when more of our client’s users understand and enjoy using the system.


Customized Training

is the most effective training mode for clients who want to customize coursework specifically designed to improve the on-the-job performance of the solution. Our expert team will design the coursework to address the specific needs of the client.

Virtual Classroom

 is a flexible, convenience training mode without location barrier. Participants are often more engaging and interactive. We can run custom or standard training classes for virtual classrooms.


is specifically designed for advanced users who have a certain level of expertise in the particular solution. The training is focused more on advanced skills, system administration and advanced design and application of the solution.

Group Training, Shared or Private

is designed for beginners who are interested in acquiring the general concepts and functionalities of the solution. We can organize shared or private training sessions.