Strategic Assessment



Our Strategic Assessment service focuses on our expert areas in: Corporate Performance Management, Big Data Analytics, and RPA & AI. We collaborate with you to understand your objectives and pain points. We dig deep and through workshops with key stakeholders and power users to develop a solution blueprint highlighting your business processes, data flow, current solution applications.  We design the technology roadmap to achieve your current and future goals with clear objectives and aim at increasing your ROI.


The new decade promises to bring us disruptive change. Digitalization will significantly alter how we do business. In 2020, we will also start a new long cycle, The Sixth Wave of technology-lead innovation. Such changes will alter the current competition structure and present a new competitive format for organizations. What does all of this mean for you if you’re a Chief Officer, a business unit leader? Gather your troops and take some time to explore the evolving strategic environment and the big picture of your business in the coming future. Let us share how we may guide you and your management team through a Strategic Exploration Exercise to discover how new technologies can help you harness your competitive edge.


Understand your objectives and pain points in the respective process areas, identify the scope,  evaluate solution options, identify possible Proof of Value in bringing the new solution. 

Realize the Proof of Concept by turning business cases into solution prototype. Let the stakeholders to see how the solution work and confirming the Proof of Value.  Seeing is believing.

Develop an actionable roadmap not only to implement the solution but also for continuous improvement and expanding the capability of the solution to maximize the value proposition.


The Exploration Workshop is designed to help you to visualize with higher confidence how the solution may fit your expectation. For every solution, there will be multiple world-class products available for selection, they will all fit your broad requirements. But the last thing you want is to invest heavily in a product and realize the limitations at the latter part of your project implementation. Seeing is believing, put in some investment upfront to make sure you business needs and expectations are aligned.

Our Explorer Journey can be approached in phases:

Phase 1:   Discovery Workshop – Identify business case, clarify requirement, define scope and develop proof of value.

Phase 2:  Prototype Workshop – develop proof-of-concept, ascertain your business requirement can fit into the solution.

Phase 3:  Roadmap Workshop – develop implementation action plan, develop continuous improvement plan to further enhance or augment the solution.