Our vision is to be one of the most  influential and respected business advisors and systems integrators. Achieving it will require the highest levels of passion, performance and professionalism. The higher we set our sights and standards, the better we serve our clients we care most about.

We already have some of the finest professionals in business consulting and systems integration in the market. Our goal is not only to keep them, but also to keep them constantly challenged. By being a dynamic and growing business, we will create a vibrant environment for our people. They will have the opportunity to learn, achieve and advance.

By meeting client needs and challenging our people, we will continue to capture market share from our competitors. In time, we will be the most influential business advisor and systems integrator in the region.


We constantly look for quality people who are young or young at heart, who are passionate, dynamic, and keen problem solvers. We are currently hiring the following positions. To apply, please send your application letter and CV to

Associate Consultant

Elufa Systems Limited